DISCOUNTED Embroidered Small Essential Oil Bag

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PLEASE NOTE: These bags have slight cosmetic flaws listed below. Please choose the bag you would like from the drop down menu! 

All of these flaws are simply cosmetic and do not interfere with the functionality of the bag. 


Bag A - small iron mark on the front of the bag near zipper

Bag B: Zipper sides did not catch in the seam

Bag C: Small iron mark on the corner of the bag

These are limited and all one of a kind! The front is made from chainstitch embroidered Anthropologie fabric and the back is a coordinating pink waxed canvas.  

***About our waterproof lining: This essential oil pouch is lined with a waterproof canvas in a light beige color. The waterproof lining can be wiped out with damp cloth and the thick waterproof backing on the canvas will protect the exterior of the bag from being ruined if oils should spill.

★ Exterior: embroidered cotton
★ Interior fabric: beige waterproof canvas
★ Elastic holders inside the pouch are covered with white cotton fabric
★ Measures approx: 4.5 inches x 7 inches
★ Holds four rollers or oil bottles of any size

**Roller Bottles pictured not included**

★Care instructions:
I do not recommend soaking or machine washing, spot treatment only.

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